[Top 9] App Like Apkpure For Gaming And Entertainment Needs In 2021

By | October 22, 2021

APKPure App is a program that allows you to install APKs of games and apps on your device without using the official Google Play store. It delights you with the following possibilities:

  • Nice design and small size;
  • Separation of games and applications into different categories;
  • Search by game name, application name, developer;
  • Downloading applications that may not be available on Google Play for your country;
  • Fast download;
  • Simple, straightforward installation.

All in all, APKPure is a well-known name in the gaming community. The top 9 apps like APKPure on our list will give you things you haven’t ever known about this infinite world.

The App Like Apkpure For Gaming And Entertainment Needs 

In the world of Samsung and Apple, people’s need for mobile entertainment is increasing. We crave new games and limitless conveniences that Play Store and App Store cannot provide.

Let’s check our list out now to get what you need!

#1. HappyMod

This application is a free program where you will find thousands of mods for various games with more possibilities.

By installing this application on your device, you will get access to many mods for a wide variety of applications and games. 

happymod 2 min

Thanks to the loaded mods, you can simplify tasks for yourself and instantly get everything you need. The interface of this service is intuitive and convenient.

You will find applications in different sections. There will also be a built-in search so that you can quickly get the mod you need.

After opening each mod, you can read a short description to find all the information about the file you are downloading.

Also, all available mods will have their rating, which will allow users to find the most popular and demanded services.

#2. APKTime

APKTime is an Android store where you’ll find software sorted into different categories. One of the big benefits of using this program is that it allows you to download many applications that you won’t find on Google Play.


Here are some of the categories you can find in this online store:

  • Film and entertainment
  • Games
  • Music
  • Web browsers and players
  • Sport competitions.
  • Torrent download applications.
  • Tools and utilities.
  • Applications with adult content.

To use this app, you need to go through all the suggested applications and click on them to download the APK. After that, just run the installation as you usually do with other files. 

#3. ACMarket

ACMarket is an alternative to the Google Play store for Android mobile devices.

Its operation is simple and similar to other applications. Just download the APK from the program and start installing. 

You can search among applications organized by category and install them on your mobile device from the main menu. It is a repository of modified applications that you can use for free, such as Minecraft games.

Here are the main features you can get from this program:

  • Clean and friendly user interface.
  • Direct download of applications from the store itself.
  • Directory of modified and corrected applications.
  • Daily update of application databases.
  • Possibility to customize functions.

Different categories include apps, games, videos, music, instruments. Each of them has different apps in addition to the news and featured section.

#4. Mobogenie

Mobogenie does not replace Google Play. But it allows you to download interesting features that don’t stand out in the official Android store. 

This app gives us access to many applications that you can download. In most cases, it redirects us to Google Play. 

There are four different areas included in this application:

  • Apps: the trendiest and most downloaded apps. Here you will find the most used applications.
  • Games: As you can imagine, there are different types of games (arcade, strategy, casual, action).
  • Required applications: Required applications on any smartphone, applications of all kinds, including games.
  • Editor’s Choice: Here, you will find the apps selected by the service editors. They don’t have to be in fashion but just become their favorites.

#5. GetAPK

The GetAPK contains many applications and games that are not available in the official Google Play Store. This program offers content divided into two main categories: apps and games. 

In turn, you can use a search engine with manual input to find the apps in subcategories. In the same way, you can view the Top 100 or new items.

Installing apps and games from this program is easy. A registry of downloaded applications is also available for quick updates.

#6. SlideME

SlideME is a store for Android devices, which offers us thousands of apps in a simple interface. It stands out for offering qualified apps without any junk apps, fakes, or other apps you don’t want to download to your smartphone.

The app offers you a simple system for browsing the available app categories. It allows you to know which are the trendiest or which are the most loaded:

  • Browse all apps sorted by category
  • Review the editor’s selection
  • See what’s new 
  • Access to trend lists with the applications that are in fashion.
  • Discover the most downloaded free and premium apps
  • Perform advanced searches for apps
  • Manage your downloads
  • Create your user profile via email or Facebook user profile

Besides downloading the APK to your smartphone, you need to register to use this program. You can do this through your email address or your Facebook user profile.

#7. F-Droid

F-Droid is a free alternative to Google Play. In F-Droid, you can find and download a large catalog of free Android apps.

If you want to get away from the norm and use the free program, you can now use F-Droid. All applications are free with editable source code.

F-Droid works very simply. It includes three tabs: 

  • Available applications; 
  • Already installed apps;
  • Updates. 

Once we have found the application, we can install it on our Android or access the source code. We can also check the license of each application later.

#8. APKMirror

The Google App Store has certain limitations, and alternative platforms can mitigate them. APKMirror is another example of a web service with thousands of Android apps that you can download to your smartphone. 

Download APKMirror to install all the application package files. Through this installer, the user will have access to the following features:

  • Download and install Android applications in .apkm, .xapk, and .apks formats.
  • Find the installation file in the folder tree, tap it and click the “Install package” button.

Each installation file includes direct access to the service website. If the application installation fails, the user will be able to see a description of the reason. Includes subscription options to remove ads from the app.

#9. AppLinked

AppLinked allows you to download free games and apps that are not available on the official Google Play. This program allows you to navigate between different apps and games that you can download to your device.

It becomes a very valuable resource when exploring another ecosystem of unofficial apps. This program offers to navigate through different categories:

  • Live TV;
  • Serials;
  • Films;
  • Adult content;
  • Games and utilities.

The app also offers the ability to add new stores if you know the codes. You can quickly find them on the Internet using a search.

Final Words

The top 9 app like APKPure we have mentioned are the best and most popular choices on the app market. Some options can be alternatives to both the Play Store and the App Store, while others are only compatible with Android devices.

Installing one of them lets you find great mods to unlock your favorite games or experience apps unavailable on official channels. We hope our sharing helps you open a new world, where infinite functions delight you.

Thank you for reading!

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