The Ultimate App Like Aptoide List You Should Know

By | October 22, 2021

Aptoide is one of the most favorite app and game stores of Android users. Most app stores often require you to pay for premium apps. But in Aptoide, you can download and install the premium version of your favorite apps or games without any payment. Yet, this app store is not available for iOs and some Android devices. If you are looking for an app like Aptoide, you can check the alternatives for Aptoide listed. 

Apps like Aptoide for Android OS

If your Android device is not compatible with Aptoide, you can take a look at the following alternative app stores. 

#1. Google Play Store

google play

Perhaps there is no need to talk much about the popularity of this app store. Since Google acquired Android, all devices with Android OS have pre-installed Google Play Store. In this app store, you can find a wide variety of free apps and games. Besides, Google Play Store also provides a lot of software programs, movies, or books. You will need a Google account to access Google Play Store. This account can help you sync your downloads across all of your Android devices. However, you may have to pay for in-app purchases when playing games from Google Play Store. Also, many apps on this platform don’t have regular updates.

#2. Amazon App Store

amazon appstore

The next recommended alternative for Aptoide is Amazon App Store. It’s the second most popular app store with Android users after Google Play Store. 

Most commonly used apps and games are available in Amazon App Store. There are different categories of applications, so you can easily find what you want. 

The most appealing part of this app store is that it provides many premium apps for free. Besides, on holidays, you may receive gift cards for shopping on Amazon from this app store. 

But Amazon App Store also has some drawbacks. It’s quite complex to install an application from this app store. 

The installation is not automatic like other platforms. You need to wait for the sideloading of apps and adjust options manually. 

#3. Mobo Market

Mobo Market

If you can’t find an app on Aptoide or Google Play Store, it may be available in Mobo Market. With this trusted app store, you can download and install more than 800,000 apps without registration. 

You can also find many fantastic wallpapers for your device in this app store. In addition, its built-in cleaner app will clean up and boost your device.

#4. APK Mirror

APK Mirror

APKMirror allows you to get bundles of unique applications in APK format for free. Many of them are third-party apps that you can’t find in any popular app store. 

Another advantage of this app is that it has no region locking. Thus, if there is any unsupported app for your country, you can search for it in APK Mirror. 

You can rest assured when downloading apps from APK Mirror as it’s completely free of malware. Besides, you can upload, store, and share your files with others online without any restrictions. 

However, APK Mirror contains advertisements, and you have to subscribe to remove them. 

#5. SlideME


Another app store option for Android devices that can’t use Aptoide is SlideME. In this app market, there is a huge number of both free and premium apps.

SlideME also provides plenty of apps and games that are not available in the Google Play Store. This app store has a large community to update and rate recommended applications regularly. 

Moreover, with SlideME, you can use the developer service for free by signing up for an account. But you will have to wait for a relatively long time until your apps get reviewed and approved. Besides, if you set any in-app purchases, SlideMe will charge you 20% of your revenue. 

Aptoide-like app for iOS

Since iOs devices don’t support Aptoide, Apple users can try the following substitute app stores. 

#1. TutuApp

This app store is a top-chosen alternative to Aptoide for iOs users. It offers many free apps and games for your Apple devices. 

TutuApp also has modified versions of paid apps of the App Store. So, you can get these apps without paying any fee. The interface of this app store is also nice and easy to use.

Besides, TutuApp permits you to install many apps that don’t present on App Store. However, you will need a jailbreak for this app to access all its functions. 

2. HipStore

If you want to get the premium version of an app on your iPhone for free, you can find it in Hipstore. 

This app store for iOs devices provides dozens of premium apps and games free of charge. Besides, HipStore doesn’t have region locking. So, this app enables you to access the applications that are unavailable for your country.

You can download and install Hipstore for devices using iOs 9 and above.  

#3. AppEven

This app store will be an ideal substitute for Aptoide to download games on your iOs devices. 

There is no need to jailbreak to use AppEven. Thus, you can freely take advantage of this app without tweaking the settings of your device. 

Besides, AppEven doesn’t need you to enter your Apple ID to sign in or create an account. So, your account will stay secure when using this app store.

#4. GetJar

GetJar comes with a large variety of free apps for both iOs and Android devices. Though its interface looks outdated, it has many unique and cool apps. 

This app store also offers free services for app developers. If you want to download premium apps on GetJar, you can register for a GetJar Gold account. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article can help you find an app like Aptoide for your device. 

There are many other alternatives to Aptoide with different advantages and backsides. You should choose reliable ones to protect your device and personal information. Thank you for reading!

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