Top 10 Apps Like Showbox For Home Entertainment [Updated 2021]

By | October 22, 2021

If you’re into movies and TV shows, you’re probably familiar with ShowBox. This app tops its market for its ability to provide high-quality entertainment even when you’re offline.

However, there are many reports that ShowBox is having legal problems with the studios. While waiting for it to work again, try ten other apps like ShowBox.

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The 10 Apps Like Showbox For Enhancing Your Entertainment

By installing ShowBox, you can watch various films and television series both online and offline. And you can also have similar experiences using the 10 alternatives we prepare to recommend.

#1. Movie Hub

Movie Hub app is an excellent app for movie lovers. You can use this application to manage online movies of any genre you choose.

Movie Hub is awesome and super easy to use. Once you’ve selected a movie, all you have to do is hit play to start watching.

In the video player, we can choose details such as video quality, server, and subtitles. The system works brilliantly, delivering better performance than other similar apps.

#2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time allows you to watch movies and entertainment shows in 720p or 1080p HD quality. Of course, you will need a stable internet connection to ensure a great picture and viewing experience.

Popcorn Time

Install Popcorn Time; you can easily watch different TV series and movies without pre-downloading. Torrent technology allows you to watch a video while it is downloading.

Main function:

  • Built-in search function;
  • Sort results by genre or release year
  • Original video with subtitles;

During the playback of the chosen material, you can pause, rewind the video, adjust audio, and use other equally useful options.

Popcorn Time can become a great alternative to similar tools thanks to the simplest interface and high-quality videos.

#3. Stremio

Stremio lets you play HD movies, YouTube channels, TV, and more. The program uses many popular online sources that provide online videos and viewing from the torrent network.


This complete app lets you enjoy all your content in one place. After starting the free program, Stremio will automatically connect to the Internet and display a list of movies.

You can sort or filter the entire content list by category. You can also add any source to your library to keep track of future updates.

#4. HD VideoBox

HD VideoBox offers a wide range of movies and TV series that you can watch for free using an external media player. It is worth noting that you can find all video content going into certain types of topics.


That feature makes it easy for users to search for kids’ movies, cartoons, and more. The program is also equipped with regular and voice search features.

Important features:

  • Free services
  • Quality up to 4K
  • Instant addition of new products to the catalog
  • Convenient and functional search
  • Favorites and browsing history

You should also note that this program is free, which is quite profitable. Like many other applications, HD VideoBox requires an external video player, such as VLC Player, MX Player, BS Player, ViMu Player.

#5. PlayView

The PlayView app lets you stream your favorite movies and shows. Besides, it also allows you to save videos for offline viewing.


You don’t have to worry too much about finding them, as the categories are well organized. You can also use the movie search function by year of publication.

Developers also write summaries for each title and episode, helping you choose movies faster. When you sign up for an app account, you’ll get a notification every time the movie you’re watching has a new episode.

The main feature of PlayView is that the application allows you to view the movie in the quality you need. All in all, it is an amazing movie streaming app that you can download anytime.  

#6. Movie HD

The Movie HD app also offers high-definition movies and TV shows. Good quality content allows you to see every detail from the video.

You can watch a lot of classics and premieres from your mobile device without downloading anything. And, of course, this is a completely free app.

It offers an easy-to-manage online movie theater with a wide range of titles in its library. You will find many genres, including comedies, action movies, horror movies, or cartoons. 

Moreover, you can also connect the app to your TV for an unlimited viewing experience. The app can adjust the content quality according to your internet speed. That practically eliminates the need to pause the video and wait a few minutes before continuing.

#7. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD allows you to watch any movie and show for free on the Android operating system. This app collects many movies from various sources, including the earliest showing movies.

Right before viewing or downloading, you can read the description and see the rating. Then select the desired quality, voiceover option, and resolution.

It has a synchronization function between all devices, such as computers, TVs, and smartphones. This way, your favorite movies will always be at hand.

#8. VideoMix

At VideoMix, you can watch movies without ads. The constantly updated catalog helps you see more on your device.

You can add your favorite TV shows to enjoy watching movies, TV series, cartoons, and TV shows anytime, anywhere. Thanks to that, you definitely won’t get lost in them and can come back to watch them at any time.


DREAM TV is an application where you can find, watch or download almost any movie or TV series for free in original voice acting. You can choose the title you are interested in and the quality of the broadcast video.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse all the content and filter the search by various criteria. Just choose what you want to watch and the service to stream it.

It allows you to filter movies by genre, year, type, or even the country in which they were filmed. However, you will notice that a lot of content requires a fee to view it.

#10 Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is a great multimedia application. You’ll find a huge catalog of the latest TV shows and movies to watch online for free on your phone.

Like ShowBox, Terrarium TV is sought after by those who don’t like paying to use HBO, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. At any time, you can watch videos online or download them to your device to enjoy later.

This application allows you to use filters to search for any content quickly. The user-friendly interface is a plus that makes you happy.

However, you won’t be able to play videos in the app. After choosing what you want to watch, the application will suggest a link that will allow you to play the video in your previously installed media players, including VLC or MX Player.

Final Thought

There are many apps like ShowBox for watching videos for free. The ten apps link ShowBox we have covered in this post are the top picks that come to mind.

Some platforms have many movies in an online format. At the same time, others are functional players that provide access to various resources.

We hope you can quickly choose by reading the descriptions of the above suggestions. Although the choice of movies is still less than that of online viewing on the Internet, the definite advantage is the free watching on the go.

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