Top 10 Apps Like Whatsapp For You To Have Chats And Calls All Time

By | October 25, 2021

Nowadays, the popularity of messaging apps has skyrocketed. Many people cannot imagine what their life would be like without their favorite app. WhatsApp is a prominent contender, which attracts more than 2 billion users. But it’s not the only idea that can satisfy you. We have more than a dozen apps like WhatsApp. Each application has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start exploring!

The 10 Apps Like Whatsapp Help You Chat And Call People 

WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. At the same time, users of different platforms can exchange messages with each other for free.

In addition to the direct messaging feature, you can create group chats and send unlimited images and files. Everyone knows that WhatsApp stands out above all other instant messaging apps. However, there are still app like WhatsApp that you can download to your device.

We should not consider which one is better than the other. These apps are different, and each program stands out in its way. Therefore, you need to choose which platform suits your needs best.

#1. Facebook Messenger


The most popular social network has its instant messaging application now. Facebook Messenger is designed to exchange text and audio messages, as well as photos and videos.

Messenger lets you find people on your device’s contact list and search and chat with people whose phone numbers you don’t know.

Whether they’re your Facebook friends or not, enter their phone numbers to send a message. It has become a more comprehensive app that competes with other alternatives like WhatsApp.

Features of Facebook Messenger:

  • Messaging supports emojis, stickers, and animations.
  • Send photos and images, with the ability to add different filters.
  • Group chats with the addition of polls, appointments, and event planning.
  • Send audio messages.
  • Voice calls and group video chats.
  • Group game.
  • Share your location.

#2. LINE


LINE can’t compete with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp yet. But the app from Japanese developers has been successful, at least in some countries. It is one of the complete messengers for Android in terms of many functions.

LINE is a free application that allows users to exchange messages, make video and audio calls, and send files to each other instantly. You can use your account on Windows, macOS, iPhone, or the web version.

However, international call service with LINE Out will incur a certain fee. Forget about the absurdity, and LINE deserves a great application for domestic use.

#3. Skype


Skype allows messaging, video calling, voice calls, chatting, sharing files, and audio recordings on PC devices. It’s great that you can leave voice messages even when your interlocutor isn’t there.

The screen sharing function allows you to view the interlocutor’s desktop and provide remote support for him. In addition, you can show presentations and images.

A big plus is the convenience and intuitiveness of the interface. Your contact list will appear on the left side of the main window; to the right is a field for correspondence and other actions.

#4. Viber


Viber is a mobile and desktop application for free communication between service users. Once your friends join Viber, you’ll be able to exchange messages.

While you can’t communicate with others who don’t use the same service as you, you can work with Viber. The Viber Out feature allows you to call a person even if he does not have Viber installed on his phone.

You can download Viber to devices using Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems. Once installed, you can communicate with millions of users around the world.

#5. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a simple and free cross-platform messaging app that focuses on speed and message security. Privacy is one of its main distinguishing features.

You can use the app on all your devices at the same time. The app will sync all your messages automatically between your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

It combines SMS and email communication to exchange messages between personal or business contacts quickly and securely.

#6. IMO 

IMO is a special application whereby users worldwide can exchange messages and make video calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

You can send group messages, send voice messages, pictures, search by mail, use emojis, and share multimedia files.

The special feature of this particular application is the high quality of data transmission, variety, and extremely easy to use. You can use this program on almost any device with different operating systems.

Also, the application will send notifications, helping display and keep important information. IMO can work with a built-in webcam and detachable, which is very convenient for normal PCs.

#7. DingTalk

DingTalk is a business communication and collaboration tool for Android devices. It allows you to manage your work tasks easily and comfortably. Apps can provide private communications for different organizations and companies.

The developers designed it to be a working tool. It allows organizations to unify tasks and contacts for all members to optimize management and resources.

Group admins can add as many members as needed. After you join a group, you can communicate with your colleagues using text and voice messages. In addition, you can send different files, including images.

Best of all, you can use the “Secret Conversations” feature to lock the private messages you want to protect. This benefit allows companies, organizations, and groups to exchange information securely.

#8. Hangouts

Hangouts are Google’s new messaging service. The program allows more than a hundred users to communicate via video simultaneously or send text messages and small images.

Main feature:

  • Send free messages;
  • Connect more than 100 users in one video session;
  • Use visual and sound effects;
  • Share images, edit or upload them to Google+ albums
  • Full integration with other Google services.

The program is quite simple to synchronize with your other devices that work on the same Google platform. The main thing is that you must have a Google account on it.

#9. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular app among young people. Android and iOS users can communicate happily and refreshingly thanks to fun features.

The program interface provides the ability to communicate with each other using short videos or photos.

When you contact someone, you can use hundreds of funny effects on the call screen, which some other applications do not provide.

The app allows you to take fun photos, use lenses and filters, and enjoy vivid photos at any time.

After a while, the snapshots will remove themselves from your chat. The information in the chat remains confidential. The application automatically deletes the old messages so that outsiders cannot access your files.

#10. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is a program that allows you to chat with people in your contact and connect with new friends. You can search for others by their ID – a unique identifier that KakaoTalk assigns to each user.

The biggest advantage that will probably delight you is the ability to create a secret conversation. All messages will disappear automatically after reading.

We recommend this cool app for chatting, listening to music, and playing games. It is a useful tool to find Korean friends and chat in Korean, just because it has produced it.

The Bottom Line

In summary, using messaging apps is necessary and very enjoyable. These apps like WhatsApp very quickly enter our lives and become familiar.

These apps never cease to amaze us. Several new functions appear, surprising in both obviousness and usefulness. If you are still curious about inventions all around us, follow our articles to figure out other apps that everyone must use at least once in life.

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