Facebook is the most popular social media platform which is available out there. Want to stay connected with your friends and loved ones? Use the Facebook app and you are good to go. Sharing updates and photos were never this easy. With Facebook, you can share photos and then even go ahead and engage with your friends. You can also create business pages on Facebook and scale your business on Facebook.

The Facebook app is much more than just creating connections with your interests and friends. It can also prove to be your personal organizer and you can use the Facebook app for sharing, saving and storing photos.

On the Facebook app, you also have the option of sharing your photos direct from the camera and the Gallery. The photos that you have uploaded, can be shared with other people on the basis of the privacy settings that you have selected.

Want to stay updated on the latest news? Not a prob, use the Facebook app again. On this app, you can read the latest news and not only this, the current events. Feel free to follow your favorite brands, celebrities, sports team and other things. The latest posts will appear on your news feed. One can also enjoy the live streaming of videos on Facebook.

Feel free to write on the timeline of your friends, write the stuff that you like. Also, you can join that interest you!

Features of Facebook

You can use the Facebook app to connect with your family and friends. Update status and get status updates of your friends. Felt something after reading a profile? Express yourself with emojis and emoticons. You will be notified every time anyone comments on your posts. Do you find the notifications annoying? No worries, mute the notifications!

Find local events to attend on Facebook by looking for events near me. Create a backup of the photos by creating your very own album. Look at the businesses around you, see the reviews, and then make an informed decision. Not only this, you can also check the operating hours.

The Facebook marketplace can also be used by business owners for buying and selling products.

Know More About Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform with its headquarter in California. The company was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his colleagues. Initially, the social media platform was only available for Harvard students, but later it was expanded for other Ivy League universities. Later, it was available for you.

In December 2018, it has 2.3 billion monthly active users and the number is increasing with each passing day.

As soon as Facebook was launched, it became a global hit. The highest numbers of Facebook users are from India and U.S.A. Recently, Facebook was awarded as the “Top 100 Classic Websites”.

You Can Now Download Facebook from HappyMod

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Download Facebook from HappyMod

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  4. Install and run HappyMod on your device.
  5. In the search bar of the app, type “Facebook” and tap on the search button.
  6. Download Facebook


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