List of 10 Apps Like Monkey You Should Give A Try

By | October 25, 2021

When it comes to social chatting apps, Monkey is one of the most popular ones. It permits you to make friends, chat, and video call with random users. Millions of people use this platform for video chatting and dating online. 

However, recently many users have complained about the security of Monkey and want to switch to other apps. Here are 10 apps like Monkey you can use to chat with strangers. Let’s explore!

The Best Apps Like Monkey For Chatting

The 10 apps listed below are the best alternatives for Monkey. They will help you to make worldwide connections and have a lot of new friends. 

#1. Chatroulette


Chatroulette has the same way of working as Monkey and also has a significantly large number of users. 

When you create an account on Chatroulette, you can connect with random people using the same app. You can chat with someone half a world away from you. 

The app also allows you to have a virtual meet by the video calling feature. The interface of Chatroulette is simple to use. Just by making some taps, you can add or remove anybody from your friend list. 

Chatroulette is an ideal app for chatting, making friends, and dating online.

#2. Fav Talk

Fav Talk

If you want to find someone sharing the same interest as you, Fav Talk can help. This app creates a friendly environment for people to share their passions and point of view. 

As you have something in common, communication becomes easier and more natural. You can freely share your ideas and search for people thinking the same as you. 

If someone finds you on Fav Talk, they will be automatically present in your list. This app also allows you to block anyone you dislike so they can’t search for you. 

Both Android and iOs users can experience these awesome features of Fav Talk. 

#3. Meow Chat

Meow Chat

You will have a lot of fun when becoming a member of Meow Chat. This chatting app has an enormous number of users from every corner of the world. Thus, you will have many opportunities to diversify your friend list. 

If you find someone interesting, you can start a conversation with them by instant chat when swiping. The chat room is private, and you can share everything you want with your friend.

#4. Azar


Azar is another similar app to Monkey that has about 400 million downloads. It’s more like a social network where you can communicate with strangers from all countries. 

The outstanding feature of Azar is that it only allows real people to sign up. All the accounts have to verify before using this app. 

In addition to chatting online, you can try the random video call feature. Just by swiping, you will start video chatting with thousands of other users. 

Azar also provides many stickers and frames to make the conversations more interesting.

#5. Omegle


Omegle is also an interesting app to chat with unknown people in different countries. 

You can create your profile and add information about your gender, job, and other personal information. The system will automatically choose a random stranger for you to chat with. 

Another outstanding feature of Omegle is the option for chat language. In this way, you can contact more people near you if you live in non-English speaking places.

#6. Hello Chat

This chatting app also connects you with random people regardless of geographical distance. 

Hello Chat aims at helping people to find someone with the same hobbies or interests. If you match another user on this app, you two can start video calling to know more about each other. 

Therefore, Hello Chat is a good app for dating, and many people have found their significant other through it. 

#7. Melon

Melon is also a perfect alternative to Monkey with a lot of cool features. 

This chatting app supports users from all countries, so you can choose to chat with anyone you find suitable. 

If you want a meet, Melon can create a virtual one for two of you with just a tap. Besides, this app also offers region filters that help you find friends in fixed places. 

#8. Stranger Chat

As its name suggests, Stranger Chat is a specialized chatting app to get in touch with strangers. 

The most interesting part of this app is that it can keep you anonymous with others. Stranger Chat doesn’t require you to register before chatting. So, you won’t need to enter any personal information in this app. 

You can make a list of your regular contacts and exchange messages, images, videos, and other media. As everyone is anonymous in Stranger Chat, you can have chances to connect with people of all ages.

#9. Random Talk

Similar to Stranger Chat, Random Talk helps you to make contact with random users of the app. You can also stay anonymous as long as you want when using this app. 

The chat modes of Random Talk are very diverse. You can choose to chat on your favorite topic, gossip, or secret chat. In this way, you will find a lot of new friends in different countries. 

Random Talk is a worth-trying app if you like talking with strangers.


If you have an interest in dating online, is the app for you. You can chat across borders with anyone you like on this app. 

Also, the security of is high, so you can rest assure to make conversations and share your information. will connect you with people who match your dating criteria. You will probably find your dream half through this interesting app. 


Above are the 10 best chatting apps that can replace Monkey for your devices. They are safe places to share your thoughts and have fun with random people in different regions and cultures. Thank you for following this post!

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